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O Breathwork Immersion


The O Breath™  is an empowering form of personal therapy, allowing you to release outdated programming, move beyond limiting beliefs, dissolve old patterns on a mental, physical and cellular level within the body, mind and spirit.


Through the power of connecting breath with specific sound and frequency you will activate your natural capacity for healing and gently let go of what no longer serves you. You will leave with tools to continue your journey to heal yourself, and practises you can take into your daily life to maintain and progress the shift you have begun to create.


The one-day O Breathwork™ Immersion is led by practitioners who are highly trained experts in the field and are the only ones gifted with the training of the O Breath™  technique and ensure a safe, inclusive and supportive environment.


There is no previous experience in breathwork required, the day will bring benefits to all who participate.


Simply breathe and do not resist.


GOLD COAST 13th May 2023

MELBOURNE 27th May 2023

"PROFOUND is the closest word to describe the O Immersion. Amazing people, experiences and an opportunity to move forward with your life by addressing the deep stuff in such a safe and compassionate environment. Couldn't recommend it highly enough. Yep, absolutely profound" Gary
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