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Breathwork pearls of wisdom

Breathwork pearls of wisdom and gut health- An irritable bowel is one which is not flowing smoothly.

There’s a stop start issue here.

A difficulty with processing and digesting a situation.

Our digestive systems are super sensitive. The gut reaction is our sixth sense. Related to intuition and the heart.

Ignoring that gut reaction never goes well, but in childhood so many of us learn to do just that.

Unconditional love and acceptance is what we desire most and as children we look to our parents or significant adults for this. However when we receive criticism or condemnation for displaying or releasing our feelings we then adapt and learn to hold and control our emotions.

To ‘stuff’ them down.

Fear, anger, frustration and boundaries remain unprocessed. They become internalised and ‘stuck’ .

The digestive system is a physical mirror for our emotional digestion. IBS reflects this internal battle of being In control/ out of control. Stable/ unstable. Unemotional/ emotional.

Healing comes from learning to re parent yourself.Bringing self acceptance back into your thoughts rejecting the critical voice and replacing it with an allowing loving voice.

You are doing the best you can. It’s ok to feel frightened/ angry/ sad.

What is it that you are trying to control? What would happen if you let go?

Relearning how to FEEL and express the emotions you are experiencing is a big part of the journey here. Writing or journalling about the unfiltered truth of how you feel is one way of reconnecting to your heart.

Emotions can feel strong and scary when you are used to holding them inside. Approach this work with softness and compassion for your SELF.

You deserve to be here, SEEN and HEARD for EVERYTHING that you are.

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