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'The breath is the intrinsic dance between vibrational strings of colourful sounds and the musical colours that weave the bridge across the depths of the voice of the soul into the connection of all that is. Oh what a magnificent dance of body. mind and spirit through time" - Simone Louise

The O Breath Technique™ is done in a far more integrated and holistic way then any other breathwork styles. It is a complete and holistic science. To take one part alone, whether that be breath, neural feedback, asana or any other aspect and utilise it in one way alone, is a reductionist approach and will not serve the entire being.

We work from the belief that you are already whole, but that perhaps there are aspects of yourself, which remain hidden, simply waiting for your attention to release.


The foundation of the O Breath Technique goes beyond breathwork, it is an intricate approach to self-healing in a practical way, combined with  deeper unique frequency aligned healing principles. These techniques are designed, to be utilised together in an intelligent, elegant and integrated fashion so every aspect of the being is addressed.


We take into account exactly what YOU, as an individual, are going through, what YOUR trauma looks like and what state YOUR nervous system is in. We also take into account mental and social factors. We rather that just the symptoms of an illness and prescribing the breath like medicine.

We very carefully use an entire therapeutic approach combining a unique combination of healing, grounding and mental well being techniques.

vision statement

There is one sound, one incredible frequency enmeshed with all frequencies, the Cosmic Octave of our wondrous Universe that breathes life into all that is.

We as humans are born pure, a vibrational light dance of each molecule within your being forms the awesome you. You breathe your first breath of life, and with this your dance of life begins and at the very end your breath is the last response. We are in a beautifully intricate, symbiotic relationship with our breath from birth to death.

Lean into your breath for it brings you freedom of life, yet most take that for granted.



Simone is a highly qualified, heart-aligned therapist with over 28years of experience in mental health. Her extensive list of qualifications range from trans personal psychology, clinical psychotherapy, bio neural feedback, bio neuroscience along side many others.


Although Simone holds a multitude of qualifications she loves nothing more than her natural talents of synaesthesia and divine connection to weave through and guide her work, with this leading to the development of the O Breath Technique.


It is within both Simone’s educational and clinical opinion that she believes there is nothing more powerful than the breathwork therapy to help her clients achieve the release of the traumas holding them down and back in life and complete the healing and freedom they seek both within and without. 

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