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O Breath Technique™ is a standalone, complete, holistic therapy practice that of various styles of ancient and modern breathwork, and combines the practice with frequency, sound and colour. These frequencies align with emotions on both a cellular and celestial level, thus assisting in the release of trauma, processing and accessing of memory (both cellular and stored) and regulating the nervous system to a natural state of being  - peace

Breathwork is the precious gateway to the sacred remembrance.
The ancients understood that breath was the grail; the eternal doorway to the dazzling temple of self.

We are multifaceted diamonds yearning to become;
To actualis
e on all levels; and fulfill our greatest soul’s calling.
We are here to remember who we are

breath and do not resist

In the realm of sacred breath we find,
A journey embarked by heart and mind,
Where O of Breathwork holds the key,
To unlock spirits and set them free.


Breathing is an essential function that sustains our physical existence, providing oxygen to our cells and expelling toxins from our bodies. However, breathing is much more than just a physiological process; it is also intimately linked to our mental, emotional, and spiritual states. Breathwork, or conscious breathing practices, have been used for thousands of years as a tool for self-exploration, healing, and spiritual growth. 

mother mary obreath.jpeg

breath and do not resist

At the O Breath™, we are passionate about reconnecting everyone with the power of their breath. Our commitment is evident through the diverse range of courses, programmes, and workshops we offer, catering to a wide audience with unique needs and interests. Our flexible offerings can be adapted for organisations, private sessions, or group settings, making them accessible to all, whether online or
in-person. With a focus on transformation and empowerment, our comprehensive topics cover health, wellbeing, performance enhancement, and mental wellness. We take pride in tailoring our programmes to meet the specific needs of different demographics, ensuring a personalised and enriching experience for everyone.


Oxygen dances through every cell, Igniting the spirit, making
it swell, In the rhythm of breath, we find release,
A connection to all, a tranquil peace.



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